Are you looking for some ideas to make your baby shower games fun and interesting?

Here you can find a list of popular baby shower games to play with your guests in your baby shower party and make it memorable.

1-  Ask each guest to bring along a baby bottle.

Baby bottles are great items to use in your fun baby shower games.

Fill the bottles with your drink of choice.

Then run a race to see who finishes the drink from the bottle first.

This gets hilarious when you get men to do the race and throw the bottle when they win.

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What are some good baby shower game ideas?

2- Get the guests guess the weight and birthday of the baby

Once born the closest guest will receive a gift card or some kind of prize in the mail.

You can download this game here.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Games Printable

3- Melt different items of candies and chocolate bars on diapers

Hand them over to each guest to guess the name by smelling, looking and tasting.

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4- Have the attendees send their baby pictures to the hosts ahead of time

Put the pictures on the clothesline and see who can find out the most party guests’ baby pictures.

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5- Ask attendees to bring a square shaped piece of nice fabric with cute colours of their choice

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Best baby Shower game Ideas

Then ask them to sew these squares together, arranging with someone to do the edging and backing and quilting.

As it involves a lot of people contributing to a cute present for the mom-to-be it becomes very exciting.

This will remain as a nice memory forever.

You can also ask them to write their names or nursery rhymes on fabric and get it printed so that it stays for years.

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6- Ask men to participate in your baby shower games and change diapers on dolls blindfolded.

You will be surprised how many people struggle.

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7- Ask each guest to write down what they wished they would have done for their babies.

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Pink Elephant Baby Shower Game Baby Around The World

8- Ask guests to bring diapers for baby shower games and write funny messages on a bunch of diapers.

The mom-to-be will have enough supply of diapers for months.

When parents to be wake up in the middle of the night to change nappies they will have fun by looking at the funny messages.

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9- Write down prominent lines from well-known children’s books.

Read them aloud, and see who knows their kids’ literature best.

Guest can also bring their favourite children’s books to fill the mom- to- be nursery library.

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10- Get a few pictures of mom and dad or other relatives of the baby.

Cut them into stripes so that guests can rearrange them to see what baby may look like.

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The mom-to-be will remember the happy memories of her baby shower games forever

11- Have guests write down their words of wisdom on notecards or pieces of paper

Store them in pretty envelops or a notebook for the mom-to-be

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12- Have guests write down their first or middle name suggestions for mom to read aloud.

Everyone has baby name opinions, and she may actually get some good name ideas to choose from.

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13- Ask guests to write down the one thing the new mom should do in baby’s first year.

The suggestions could include things they wish they did with their kids, things they want to do when and if they have a baby or things they think the parents-to-be will enjoy doing with the baby.

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14- Balloons are always fun for any occasions including your baby shower games.

Separate guests into teams of four and give each a balloon.

When the host says “go!” the first person from each team must blow up their balloon and stick it under their shirt.

Once the first person has done this, the second person on each team does the same, then the third and so on.

Once all team members have balloons under their shirts, the first person must pop their balloon, then the second, and third, etc.

The team who blows up and pops their balloons the fastest wins.

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15- Tinkle in the pot a traditional baby shower game not to forget about

Split guests into teams of four.

Have teams line up behind a starting line and place a bowl across the room from each team.

Guests then have to place a quarter or a potato or any other object of choice between their knees, waddle to the container and drop it into the bowl without using their hands.

If they miss it, they have to start over. every guest goes twice. The team that finishes first wins.

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16- Have each guest put on a name tag when they arrive

During the party, people must be called only by their name tag.

If a guest calls someone by their first name, they have to put coins into a piggy bank for the baby.

17- Baby socks are great for your baby shower games.

Socks make a cute item for baby shower games so make sure you take the best out of them.

Why are socks amazing for your baby shower party?

They come in different colours and cute prints, you can always find them around and match with your themes.

So after you decided on your theme get to work and find a couple of cute little socks.

Put all the baby socks, unpaired in a pile on the floor.

Each guest must match as many socks as they can in one minute.

The person who matches the most socks is the winner.

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18- Blindfold the ladies and have them feed their partners baby food.

No baby shower game is complete without eating something yummy. Make your own baby food with different flavours and use in your baby shower games.

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Boy baby shower themes

This is the end of our baby shower games list. Hopefully, you have found some useful inspirations to impress the parents-to-be and the guests.

Remember a baby shower is not meant to be stressful. So just relax and enjoy the occasion and opportunity for the family and friends gather around and celebrate.

Have a happy baby shower party.

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What Are Some Good Baby Shower Games To Play At A Baby Shower?
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What Are Some Good Baby Shower Games To Play At A Baby Shower?
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